Maitri - Vocals

Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez - Guitar, Keys
Allister Pike - Bass Guitar, Keys


The band is the spawn of Maitri. A vehicle for her to express the more aggressive nature of her emotions to mere mortals. The name refers to "Sin," the ancient Sumerian name of the Moon or Moon God. "Maitri" (her actual given birth name) is the ancient Vedic name meaning The Goddess of Love or simply Love. The Moon signifies the dark light and her love of it.

After taking her place as the 2nd most continuous member of Christian Death. In 2001, Maitri decided it was time to expand beyond the limit of the expectations of her fans in Christian Death. She started a new band that was free to explore a form of metal not readily accepted by the average follower of Gothic music.

Working with Christian Death led Maitri to meet Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez who had been with the management company of Christian Death, Morbid Angel and Nile, among others.

The First "self titled" album of Lover Of Sin was recorded in 2002 at D.O.W. Studios and Produced by Valor of Christian Death.

The band went on a world tour supporting Christian Death (featuring Gian Peres of Cradle of Filth) from 2002-2003. The line up in Lover of Sin featured Tony Norman (Morbid Angel) on guitar, Howard Davis (Evans Blue, Genitorturers) on drums, Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez on guitar and The Goddess Maitri on vocals.

At last after popular demand, Lover Sin gave birth to the "Horny Beast" on 6/6/12.
Produced by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez at D.O.W. Studios, this record showcases Maitri's more diva-like personality and shows her singing ability perfectly for the listener. With special guest performances by George Kollias (Nile), Karl Sanders (Nile), Elizabeth Shall (Dreaming Dead), Destructhor (Morbid Angel / Zyklon), and Ralph Santolla (Deicide / Obituary) creating the icing on the cake, Horny Beast will excite all listeners with a unique blend of metal, goth, industrial, and pop music. Available at Amazon, iTunes, CDBABY or here on our SHOP page.


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